22 Şubat 2013 Cuma



How do I participate?

Write the activity you’ll make to our facebook event page. Participations already started. One studying at the same university Pınar Selek graduated will make a performance. An artist living in one of the islands in İstanbul will invite everybody to see the exhibition created for Pınar Selek by putting istallation works onto the road between his workroom and the dock, another will show the documentary she shot for Pınar.

You can use every way of expression like hoto exhibitions, shows, writings, plays, mime performances, street paintings etc. and join March 7th-8th Act of Art, and say, “I do it for Pınar, for Humanity, for Justice”.

Send us (sanatadalet@gmail.com) your e-mail and we’ll send you our poster. Write your name to the space below the poster we made, hang it somewhere visible, take a photo with it and send us (sanatadalet@gmail.com) or share on our facebook event page (www.facebook.com/events/260211390776988). So everybody will see, people will occur on your event, participation will grow and a unity will be succeeded.

Photos and videos taken during the activity may also be shared on the event page.
All the documents will be put together on a blog, then a catalog or a book will be created from them, so this action may be documented, this action may become a document. Write your Skype address, if you have. Let’s make live connections between participants. Let’s be witnesses of the actions will be taken same day, everywhere.

What else can we do? We can not be silent.

This event is not organized by any corporation, galery, association, initiative, platform...etc. But they can support.

Attendance relies on the spirit of volunteering and solidarity. We don’t have much time left.

Let’s make an independent collective act.

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